Since sporty cars are part of our daily life, but our time commitment to them is rather limited, we would like to present you one or the other delicacy that is looking for a new owner.

The cars either come from our property or from our customers. Maybe there is something that is of interest to you?

If not, just contact us and let us know which exclusive sports car you are looking for in your garage!

Why are sports cars from interesting?
We love cars! And we also move them in a species-appropriate way. That means we can tell you pretty much exactly what a sports car can and cannot do. During the last 10 years we have been representing almost everything that the sports car market has to offer, from A like Ariel Atom to Z like Z06 ;-). Our chief instructor put the cars through their paces at the HOTLAPS. We are happy to pass on this know-how and are at your disposal to advise you on the choice of a vehicle, no matter if it should be the "family suitable wolf in sheep's clothing", the "ultimate track tool" or the "corner hunter for the weekend" ;-)

Do the vehicles have warranty?

We do not specialize in trading vehicles and are not a car dealer. However, all listed vehicles have a currently valid brand dealer warranty and are well serviced and maintained according to the regulations. Details can be found in the respective vehicle description.


Is a test drive possible?

That depends on the respective seller. However, in most cases a test drive will only be possible with a concrete intention to buy and a corresponding credit rating.



YOC 2014 | 27,000 km | 495 hp

Even if the Jaguar F-Type is a new interpretation of the roadster in a classic style, British restraint cannot be said for this model. The colour alone sets sporty accents here, the 5 litre V8 anyway! And this sound...! 

EUR 68,900

accident free


VAT reportable

Mustang GT


YOC 2018 | 14,500 km | 450 hp

Cult status included. When you think of American cars, the Mustang comes to mind as the epitome of the American dream. But why just dream? Admittedly for introverted people this model is certainly not the right one, but those who like muscle cars, V8 sound and engine performance will surely have a lot of fun with this eye-catcher.  

EUR 64,900

accident free


VAT reportable

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