Fast cars require quick reactions!

Even under stress. Constantly changing road conditions require precise, correct and immediate action. Only those who know the limit range can still control their vehicle even if it has to be moved at the limits of physics, for example due to unforeseeable events.

Sports driver training is a driving safety training for street-legal vehicles, in which the participants learn, for example, to be prepared for load changes or skidding or to correctly assess the driving characteristics of their vehicle before a dangerous situation occurs, and thereby maintain vehicle control.


The focus is on correct behavior to avoid accidents, even in extreme situations. The training content therefore includes correct braking, evasive maneuvers (keyword elk test) and correct steering behavior even at high speeds.


The training sessions take place in driving safety centers or suitable closed courses with sufficient space and are continuously accompanied by our instructors. The course of the training guarantees a high net travel time to have enough opportunity to implement and deepen what you have learned.


The following variants are offered:


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  • Briefing

  • Slalom

  • Braking technique

  • Fast Lane Change

  • Handling course

  • Carpooling with an instructor

  • Supervision by instructors

BASIC - group coaching

Target group

Beginners, sporty drivers



own sports car


Training duration

1/2 day


€ 225

PRO - individual coaching

Benefit from the know-how of our instructors!


As Basic, but individual support from your own instructor throughout the training. (max. 2 people)


€ 560

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