Due to the current situation, caused by the corona virus and the resulting requirements of the authorities, some events may be canceled in the near future! Purchased tickets remain valid and can be redeemed at another date! You can find detailed information on this in the respective event and in our NEWS!


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Below you will find a list of upcoming events (track day, Sportfahrer training, ..) and bookable packages (coaching, KTM X-Bow driving,

race taxi, ...).


We would be happy to welcome you personally in the 2020 season with "Have a race day!"


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A binding booking and prepayment is required for participation because the places are limited!



We ask for your understanding that for safety reasons we will no longer allow formula vehicles to be used on our Trackdays in 2020, with a few exceptions and in prior consultation!










12.04. - 13.04.2021










Tow hook, tire pressure, oil, fuel, procedure on site?
If you have booked and paid for an event, you will receive a participation ticket, which you have to bring along to the event.
On site you can then register at the race office and receive a driver's wristband, start number and group allocation. The compulsory briefing in which the most important points of the race will be discussed takes place 15 minutes before the start. Our team will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

IMPORTANT: A tow hook must be fitted to the front of the vehicle so that it can be towed back onto the track quickly by the recovery vehicle on site after a "trip into the gravel bed".

We also recommend checking the oil level and refueling the vehicle before you start driving. The tire  pressure should rather be at the lower limit, because driving on the race track and the resulting tire temperatures increase the tire pressure.

I have a new sports car! Which training makes sense?

Basically, we recommend our Sportfahrertraining as an introduction. On the one hand this is designed to push the limits of new cars, on the other hand to have fun with well known cars without regrets.

Which cars are suitable for a trackday?

Sports cars that are intended for sports use are suitable for the trackdays  You can get a good overview about this on our HOTLAP page and the photos. If you own one of the cars listed there, you can be sure that you are right on the track. Since we also offer single turns or 1/2-day tickets, you can adapt the track use to your vehicle. In case of doubt just call us.


There are almost no restrictions for Sportfahrertraining on handling courses. But a certain amount of performance increases the fun there as well! (with a Golf GTI for example, you are certainly more than sufficiently motorised). It has been shown, however, that even the owners of top-class sports cars like to let the rear swing out during Sportfahrertraining.

Which products do you recommend for a birthday?

That depends strongly on the birthday child and the budget! From 69 EUR you can book a lap at the passenger seat of our KTM X-BOW race taxis or from 299 EUR you can drive the KTM yourself.

If the recipient has their own sports car, a Sportfahrertraining makes sense. For ambitious sports car owners maybe a trip to the race track with their own Porsche, BMW, AMG, GTI, OPC, etc.

For questions we are at your disposal!

I got a voucher! What do I have to do?

Please get in touch with us in time by email or phone to make an appointment for redemption.

What is a trackday? What does "Free driving" mean? Can everyone participate?

A trackday is a "day at the race track". This means that owners of sports cars and racing cars have the opportunity to test them in suitable surroundings.

Free driving means that there is no timekeeping and that it is not a racing event. Driving is mostly done in two groups (street & race) to have cars of about the same speed on the track.

These groups alternate every 30 minutes. Anyone who has a suitable vehicle can take part.

Can my partner/child come along?

Of course! Admission is free and our events also live from the enthusiastic spectators. In your own vehicle, people over 16 years of age can also ride in the passenger seat. There is also a restaurant on site to pass the waiting time with a coffee.

Is helmet compulsory?

YES! The rule is: Safety First!

Is there a dB limitation?

Not on the Pannonia Ring, the Slovakiaring and in Greinbach! At other events we point this out accordingly!

What is the difference between “Free driving” and “Sportfahrertraining”?

“Free driving" is what we call driving sports or racing cars on a race track. Since speeds beyond 200km/h can be achieved here, participants should at least be familiar with a brisk pace of locomotion and have a little petrol in their blood.


The “Sportfahrertraining” in Grienbach is designed for sporty cars and sports cars and basically covers three main areas, depending on the inclination:


1) Preparation training for the race track to get used to the handling of the vehicle and to adapt the driving technique to the race track

2) Driving technique training to master your own vehicle at the limit

3) Just have a lot of fun and "pull the rear of the vehicle to one side”

For whom does a race track training (coaching) make sense?

Actually for everyone! Our instructors come from the motor sport and can therefore give valuable tips to each participant.

For first-time participants who have never been on a race track before, it is definitely recommended to book at least a "One-stint-coaching" to get to know the special features of driving on a race track. It is not only about getting faster, but also about not overstraining your vehicle unnecessarily.


If you have already been on the race track a few times, you can optimize your lap times or get to know your car better by a "Basic-Training".


We can guide amateur racers who take part in one-make cups or club sports races to their personal limits and search for tenths under race conditions.

As a very dear customer of us once put it: "It's OK if I finish last, but I would at least like to be able to fight for the last place! (He even took podium position in the race afterwards!)

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